When a farmer sows maize, he wants a variety that can face up to pests and various climatic stress. As a result, they want a crop that establishes quickly and uniformly. Today, there are many products available to stimulate the seed, the emergence and the young plant.

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Faced with this multitude of solutions and in order to meet farmers’ requirements as well as possible, RAGT has launched its Fortify programme. It aims to identify the best stimulation for each species, the solution that will increase the strength of its varieties. By strengthening the crop in the face of aggression, the energy of RAGT varieties is reallocated to growth and reproduction, ensuring consistent performance.

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The Fortify programme is based on a strict and robust protocol, a real inspection. More than one eighty solutions have been tested on maize since 2014.
Selected solutions are tested in the field for a minimum of two years. The evaluation process takes place at all levels: in the laboratory, in the greenhouse, in the field and at the factory.

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