Ultra-early maize RGT Buxxton – “a great break crop in the making”

Publish on February 16, 2024
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RAGT’s pipeline of new maize material includes a new ultra-early variety that is undergoing first commercial sowings this spring ready for a full launch in time for the 2025 season.

RGT Buxxton is set to be a very useful addition to the ultra-early sector, giving growers more time to establish following crops whilst providing high yields of good quality forage for livestock and biogas where a spread of harvest is needed.


Camille Florin, RAGT’s commercial development agronomist, says: “RGT Buxxton is a great break crop in the making. Bringing the maize harvest date forward even by a few days can make all the difference where growers want to establish a following cash crop such as wheat, or an over-winter cover, particularly now that this option can attract a £129/ha payment under SFI.”


RGT Buxxton is also an excellent option for later sowing, thanks to its shorter growing season and good early vigour, especially useful on heavier soils in difficult springs. It also features very good lodging resistance.


RGT Buxxton

  • Very early variety (FAO 160)
  • Good early vigour
  • Very good resistance to lodging
  • Rapid development means fewer days to harvest
  • Improves harvest prospects and security
  • Offers better establishment of following autumn-drilled crops.
  • Excellent option for sowing later on heavy soils.

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