Reducing the inputs in oilseed rape is a challenge in the UK. That is why at RAGT we have been working on several agronomic solutions, that combined together are able to reduce the pressure of flea beetle, reduce weed pressure and increasing residual nitrogen levels.

Our solution

GreenPack is a combination of a leading commercial oilseed rape variety blended with an early flowering type. This methodology reduces pollen beetle pressure on the main commercial product. The other element of GreenPack is the combination of two companion crop : berseem clover and fenugreek. The smell of Fenugreek is deterrent for flea beetle, combined with berseem clover it increase your residual nitrogen level.

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In the seeds industry, RAGT is one of the companies with the widest range of species and dedicated expertise. Our OSR and legumes experts have been working for 5 years to deliver a relevant solution for reducing pest pressure and nitrogen to meet the growers needs.