Late Drilled Wheat

Being able to drill through to the end of February or even later provides valuable insurance and much-needed flexibility when the weather does take a prolonged turn for the worse, especially on well-bodied soil when you might be left wondering if you will be able to establish a viable crop.

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In that context RGT Skyfall stands out from the pack. In merchant and in-house demonstration plots, this variety has consistently proved its worth in the very late drilling slot, thanks to its very low vernalisation requirement, which enables it to set viable ears even when subject to relatively few cold days.

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In the glasshouse tests we subjected Skyfall, along with four popular fully recommended wheats, to five different vernalisation periods (days less then 5ºC) and measured the percentage of plants that ended up in ear. There was not much difference between varieties when subjected to relatively long vernalisation periods of 56 and 42 days. However, big differences became apparent when plants were subjected to 28 days below 5ºC. All Skyfall plants successfully carried ears after this time, but the percentage of other varieties in ear ranged from 0% to 50%.
After just two weeks of vernalisation, an impressive 79% of Skyfall plants still managed to produce ears, while the other four varieties failed to produce any ears. Even with no vernalisation at all, Skyfall’s success rate still stood at 71%.

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