Secure Density

Maize is a key element for dairy cattle ration, therefore it is crucial to maximise your productivity per hectare.

Today, it’s possible to achieve these objectives by simply modifying two practices: reducing row spacing to 20 inches (50 cm) and increasing density, on condition that you choose one of the few varieties adapted to this new planting practice.

Our solution

In this context, RAGT has set up a program to identify varieties that can tolerate high density while delivering significant yield gains. These varieties are stamped Secure Density.

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Our expertise for your best

RAGT has 4 years experience in identifying high-density tolerant varieties. Every year RAGT conducts multiple experiments from micro plots to farm scale.

To be stamped Secure Density a variety have to meet 3 criterias:
+8% minimum yield,
Maintain feed value,
Stalk strength.

Varieties available with this solution


Exceptional all round standing power


Excellent on-farm performance