Cereals : new varieties to discover !

Publish on May 15, 2024
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RAGT is back at Cereals this year again and have a lot to show there. As well as all the commercial varieties that you probably already know, you’ll be able to see some very new varieties, and here is a little description of them.

Winter wheat:

  • RGT Lantern :

This variety is an excellent second wheat, with strong tillering and a semi-prostrate habit which makes it competitive against blackgrass. It is a hard feed wheat with good vigour and excellent lodging resistance due to short stiff straw. It has a robust disease profile, as well as OWBM resistance.  Overall RGT Lantern an excellent second wheat with consistent performance.

  • RGT Bakewell :

RGT Bakewell is bread making quality variety. It has a strong disease profile, with both OWBM resistance and a good septoria resistance. It also shows a strong resistance to Yellow rust. Regarding grain quality RGT Bakewell has a high Hagberg Falling Number as well as a good protein content.

  • RW 42265 :

This variety is a group 4 hard with BYDV resistance with very high yield potential. It is prostrate over winter, with a quick development through the early spring. It has quicker speed of development and ear emergence compared to RGT Wolverine.

  • RGT GEM :

RGT Gem is a group 4 hard with both BYDV and OWBM resistance, which gives confidence to farmers to grow it without applying insecticides. It shows a strong disease profile, with a high resistance to Yellow rust particularly.

Spring oats :

  • RV22070 :

RV22070 is variety with high yield 111% of control (AHDB 2023) treated. It is even better when untreated with 114% of controls. This ability of high yielding when untreated highlights its very strong disease profile with high resistance to rust, oïdium, septoria and BYDV.

Quality wise it shows very good spec weight and Kernel content compared to Isabel.

Winter oats :

  • RGT Dempsey :

RGT Dempsey is a winter oat variety with high yield. It shows excellent quality profile combining high spec weight, high protein level, and high Kernel content. Regarding agronomy this variety has very good lodging resistance. Disease wise it has a very good resistance to both septoria and crown rust. Its ear emergence is quite similar to RGT Southwark.

Spring Barley :

  • RP 22017 :

This new distilling spring barley variety offers a good overall quality profile, very good screening (>2,5) results. It shows a very good brackling resistance. Its ear emergence is quite similar to RGT Planet. In regards to disease RV22017 shows a very good resistance to Mildew.


We hope to see you on stand to check all those news varieties and have a discussion around a coffee with us.

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